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I grew up in New Jersey, studying classical ballet from the age of 3. So, in addition to dance training, I learned things that have shaped me as an adult, like discipline, hard work and ambition. After college, I worked in NYC for a few years before making the move to LA this past January.  


Once in LA, I began studying the Linklater technique for voice which allowed me to discover even more about myself. I learned what it means to “find your voice and own it”. To listen to your opinions and use them to shape the way you live your life. To allow yourself to be open and vulnerable, and not held back by fear. To be someone who embraces their inner strength. My teacher always said, “there is power in simply being who you are.”


So what sets me apart? I am highly ambitious. I want to play strong, powerful women. I want to tell stories that make a difference. I want to make a difference. I have opinions I am not afraid to share. I have a voice and I’m not afraid to use it.  


I no longer try to blend in for fear of being different. I've found my voice - as an actress and as a woman. Everyday, I am proudly me.


© 2018 Nicole Vernarec. 

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